The CannaPro CBD Compassionate Access Programme

The CannaPro CBD Compassionate Access Programme is a response to the failure of the NHS to deliver on the medicinal cannabis reforms which came into force last November.  It is intended to match those in need with businesses that are able to donate CBD products.  It is not confined solely to cases of children with epilepsy.  Clearly these are the most emotive cases that have attracted media attention but in fact, it is older people who gain most benefit from all forms of cannabis.  There is no restriction on who may apply to benefit from the programme.

Currently there are not any CannaPro Certified businesses that can supply a cannabis-based product for medicinal use (CBPM) as defined under the new regulations. Also, all CBD products available without prescription are not medicines but food supplements.  Nevertheless, whatever the law says about marketing these products, it remains a fact that many, perhaps most, customers use CBD for medicinal purposes.

Any doctor, including GPs, could prescribe a CBD product but whether the NHS would fund it is doubtful. So while this programme clearly cannot supply the sort of cannabis products that contain an effective level of THC, there is still a large number of people who would benefit from CBD, who cannot get it provided by the NHS and who cannot afford to pay for it themselves.

Many CannaPro Certified businesses have stepped forward and offered to donate CBD to people who find themselves in this position.

Cannabis Professionals recognises the generosity of these businesses and we will facilitate introductions between those in need and donor businesses.  Arrangements are private agreements between the donor business and the individuals concerned.  We advise both parties to exchange emails setting out a clear understanding between them.  In particular:

  • What products are being offered?
  • In what quantity and for what duration?
  • What, if anything, is expected in return, such as participation in publicity or PR? (Generally it would be unlawful for a CBD food supplement to use a story about its use as a medicine for marketing purposes)

Applications should set out details of the individual’s condition, any experience with CBD so far and an explanation of the refusal to prescribe on the NHS. Please email applications to [email protected]. All applications will be confidential and considered by a small committee. Where we are able to recommend that a patient join the programme we will inform the applicant and introduce them to a donor business. Donor businesseswill be allocated in strict rotation according to the date they first offered to participate.

Donor Businesses

CBD UK Online
The Herb Kingdom
The Tonic Tribe
Prime CBD
Love Hemp
Bnatural CBD UK
Chrysalis CBD Caregivers
CBD Switzerland
CBD Hemporium









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